This site has been designed to widen your knowledge of basic business theory and to waken you up to your potential.

To reveal the guarded secret most businesses don't want you to realize, and how to make money in a very basic easy to understand form.

So get smart, become business minded, start to look after your future and open your eyes and mind to how for years we have just been brain washed about business.

IntelliBusiness is a non-profit organization run by a few business minded individuals who eventually wised up to the corporate lifestyle and decided to awaken other like minded individuals.

For years we became more and more stressed having to work harder the further up the corporate ladder we climbed, believing in the good of the company, believing that what we did made a difference. 

Believing the company owed us something for the massive amount of time and effort we put into making the company a success.

Unfortunately, for many the CEO's or the Managing Directors wanted to much of the cake and decided that we were to expensive, surplus to requirements or whatever the company could make up to get rid of us.  How did we feel?  All the work, time and effort, missing our kids growing up, pushing our relationships to breaking point and beyond and for what.  A pat on the back...  a well done, a more unhealthier life.

How many times were we awarded a nice bonus check, or given a two week holiday for the family.

Well, enough was enough.  Was this it, did we now have to find another company willing to let us do the same as before, how demoralizing.  So we investigated our options and was it an eye opener.

You bet!

I can tell you now, we all have a great life, no longer having to set the alarm clock, no longer sat in traffic day in day out, no more stress!  In fact we help make dreams become reality and that is extremely rewarding.

However, we do this through another company not this one, this company has just been created to educate.

So, if after reading the info on this site you would like to get involved in our other business then you can just click here, enter your details and who invited you to this site,  that person will then contact you and talk about what you have learnt and how you can start putting it into practice immediately.