What is the greatest trend setter?
People! What do we mean by this rather abstract answer.  There will always be trends which follow an event or some technological break through etc.  However, the easiest to predict is now widely know in the business community.  We are talking about one of the largest trend setters ever know, which was due to the baby boom created after the second world war.  Over 1 billion babies were born in the decade following the end of WWII.

What does this mean? Well if you could have predicted what 1 billion babies needed in the late 40's you could have become very, very rich.  Hence the worlds largest baby food producer did.

The greatest real estate growth was recorded in the late 70's, early 80's as 1 billions people reached their twenties and required their own home.

So how old are these babies now?

Well they are now in their late 40's early 50's so any business, product or service which would attract this age group would probably succeed, just on the number of people you are looking at as potential customers.  So what are these people interested in:
  1. Securing their Future. (Insurance, and Pensions)
  2. Health and Beauty. (Fighting back the effects of ageing)
  3. Preventative Health Care. (They don't want to become ill)
  4. Holidays and Travel (They want to relax and see the world)
So our advice is to look at business opportunities in these areas listed above.