Which business should I invest into ?
There are essentially five things to consider when investigating into a business and these are what we consider below:
  1. A Growth Market.
This means that whatever you choose ensure the industry, business is set to grow or is growing.  If you were to try producing the worlds very best portable tape player how many do you think you would sell.  You would struggle, now that Mini Disc, CD's, DVD's and soon DVDA's are around. 10 years ago the fastest growing industry was telecoms and the internet, which both sustained phenomenal growth.  Unfortunately this bubble has now burst.  So what's the next one?
  1. A Unique Product or Selling Point.
If you manage to produce a truly unique product which is desirable then you've won.  No competition, your customers have no choice but to come to you.  You no long compete on price or convenience.  I mean, if you were in your local chip shop buying a portion of chips and a coke but they sell cans of coke for 5 pence less next door what do you do?  One or two will go next door just to save 5 pence, most won't, but if it was 1 cheaper, what would you do then.  Hence competing on Price and Convenience.
  1. Consumable Products:
If you go into business manufacturing the best alarm clock in the world.  This clock costs the customer 15 and you make 33% profit, you end up making 5.  However, that customer now has an alarm clock so as a customer you are very unlikely to see them again.  If you produced the best chocolate in the world for say 6 and you made 33% profit, that's only 2 every time someone buys it.  However, if it is the best chocolate in the world, you can guarantee they'll be back and many times.  Hence it wouldn't take you long before you made more profit from one customer than you did with the non-consumable alarm clock.
  1. Timing
As we briefly said earlier manufacturing a portable tape player wouldn't be a great business idea because its time has come and gone.  One big example would be fashion everyone knows it's always harder to sell last years fashion.  So you need to be able to predict the trend, to know what the next big trend is going to be and get in quick, and if possible ahead.

  1. Leverage
Leverage off of the work of others to maximize your output and income.
No! they just use the leverage of others, but place themselves in the position to do this, by becoming the boss.  No matter what you do, there are always 24 hours in the day, 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year.  So how do they earn so much money? By leveraging off the time others have to offer, and are willing to offer.  Just because they want a job, don't we all?  No! start changing the way you think.  Hardly anyone wants a job, most would give up their job in an instant if they had money.
So what would you do if you had 20, 200, 2000 people working for you.  You'd be taking it easy on the coast of some desert island somewhere with a margarita in one hand and a whatever you prefer in the other.